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Gum Paint: Relief for Painful Gums, Infections & Bad Breath

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Gumpro(gum pain treatment):

Gumpro is a topical solution that contains antiseptic agents combined with tanning agents. It is applied locally on gums in severe bacterial infections and inflammatory conditions. Gumpro Gum Paint has germicidal, fungicidal, anesthetic, and healing properties.

Gumpro(gum pain treatment) offers targeted relief for gum pain,infections,and bad breath.This topical solution combines antiseptic and anesthetic properties to:

  • Fight Bacteria & Viruses: Effectively kill bacteria and viruses that contribute to gum problems.
  • Numb Pain: Provide a cooling sensation that soothes gum discomfort.
  • Promote Healing: Create a protective film on gums to aid healing.
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Gumpro: gum pain relief, bad breath & mouth odor treatment

  • Targets Gum Pain: Provides targeted relief for discomfort and inflammation in gums.
  • Combats Bad Breath: Helps eliminate bad breath caused by bacteria and promotes fresh breath.
  • Kills Bacteria & Viruses: Antiseptic properties fight bacteria and viruses that contribute to gum problems.
  • Treats Infections: Offers relief from infections that can cause gum pain and inflammation.
  • Soothes & Protects: Creates a protective film on gums to aid healing and promote comfort.
How to use Gumpro(best gum paint for teeth)?

Apply to the affected area with a cotton applicator for 2 - 3 minutes.

Ditch the discomfort and freshen your breath! Gumpro tackles gum pain and remove bad breath.