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AD Rose Water| Gulab Jal

AD Rose Water| Gulab Jal

Soothe, heal, and hydrate for naturally radiant skin | face toner for oily skin.

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AD Rose Water : Rose Water for face and eyes.

A natural gulab jal for eyes and face, is your one-stop solution for balanced and radiant skin. This versatile toner maintains your skin's pH for optimal health, controls excess oil in oily skin without drying, soothes irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties (making it suitable for gulab jal for eyes), helps combat acne, dermatitis, and eczema, and provides essential hydration for soft, supple skin.

  • It is useful in fighting inflammation and reduces redness.
  • It helps treat acne, dermatitis and eczema.
  • It helps hydrate, revitalize and moisturize skin.
  • It helps alleviate the feelings of tired eyes.
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Effective Gulab Jal (Rose Water) for Skin and Eyes:

  • Hydrates and Refreshes: Our Gulab Jal for eyes and skin is a natural solution to hydrate and refresh tired eyes and dull skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

  • Balances pH Levels: Acting as an effective face skin toner, our Gulab Jal helps balance the pH levels of your skin, promoting a healthy complexion.

  • Controls Excess Oil: Specifically formulated for oily skin, our Gulab Jal serves as an excellent face toner for oily skin, regulating excess oil production for a shine-free look.

  • Soothes and Calms: With its soothing properties, AD Rose Water for face is ideal for calming irritated skin and reducing redness, making it the best toner for face.

  • Treats Various Skin Conditions: Whether you're dealing with acne, dermatitis, or eczema, AD Rose Water facial toner provides relief and aids in healing these skin conditions.

  • Promotes Radiant Glow: Experience glowing skin with our Rose Tonic Water, which revitalizes and nourishes your skin from within, providing the best toner for glowing skin.

  • Versatile Usage: AD Rose Water toner can be used in various ways, including as a rose water spray for face or mixed with glycerin for added hydration.

  • Safe for Eyes: Gentle and safe for use around the delicate eye area, our Gulab Jal for eyes refreshes tired eyes and reduces puffiness.

  • Overall Skin Wellness: Whether you're looking for the best Gulab Jal for skin or eyes, our product delivers holistic skincare benefits, making it the best choice for your beauty regimen
How to Use AD Rose Water, the Best Gulab Jal?

Use as directed by the physician.

Give your skin a daily boost with Ad Rose Water Spray for Face. Experience hydration, balance, and a touch of floral luxury.