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AD-SORE (Borax Glycerin)

AD-SORE (Borax Glycerin)

boro g: ultimate solution for mouth ulcers

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Glycerin Borax Mouth Ulcers

Discover AD-SORE, your ultimate remedy for mouth ulcers. Formulated with potent borax glycerin, this solution offers fast relief and effective healing. Bid farewell to discomfort and embrace soothing care with AD-SORE for mouth ulcers.

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Effective Borax Glycerin Solution for Mouth Ulcers:

  • Experience relief with AD-SORE, a certified borax glycerin solution designed specifically for treating mouth ulcers.

  • Say goodbye to discomfort and pain with the soothing properties of borax glycerin.

  • AD-SORE provides fast-acting relief, targeting mouth ulcers effectively and promoting healing.

  • Trust AD-SORE for mouth ulcers, a trusted solution formulated with high-quality borax glycerin.

  • Don't let mouth ulcers hold you back – choose AD-SORE for rapid relief and lasting comfort.

How do I use AD-SORE For Mouth Ulcers?

  1. Wash your hands properly
  2. Apply AD-SORE directly to affected area.
  3. Allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Let saliva drip off naturally.
  5. Avoid eating for 15-20 minutes. Remember, do not swallow AD-SORE.