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Turpentine Oil

Turpentine Oil

Turpentine Uses: Relief for Muscle & Joint Pain

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Turpentine Oil : oil for fungal infection

Turpentine Pure oil is an essential oil that helps in reducing pains from sprains, muscle pains and joint pains. It also acts against warts. Thanks to the anti-fungal properties of Turpentine, ADPL Turpentine Pure oil helps in acting against fungal infection of the toenail. 

While not a guaranteed cure, Turpentine Oil's antifungal properties offer a potential solution for toenail fungus. Extracted from pine tree resin, Turpentine Oil may help address this condition.

  • Antifungal Properties: Turpentine Oil's antifungal properties may help combat the fungal growth causing the infection.
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Exploring Turpentine Oil Uses & Their Potential Benefits

  • Potential Pain Relief: When applied topically, turpentine oil may cause warmth and redness, potentially offering temporary relief for muscle and joint pain.
  • Possible Wart Removal: Turpentine oil's properties might be helpful in the removal of warts.
  • Antifungal Properties: Turpentine oil possesses antifungal properties, suggesting its potential use against toenail fungus. However, consulting a doctor for diagnosis and treatment is crucial.
How to use Turpentine Oil (turpentine for pain)?

Use as per your requirement or as directed on the label

Explore the Full Benefits of Turpentine Oil: From Pain Relief to Fungal Properties